Security-as-a-Service for Native Code

Infuse Threat Defense Within Your Connected Native Code.

Empowering people creating and deploying devices and cloud apps

Built-in Code-Level Detection, Protection and Response

Dellfer protected connected devices and apps act as threat sensors. With Dellfer’s comprehensive and continuous protection your connected devices and apps remain safe. The key to cyberattack detection and prevention is awareness.

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Real-time code-level cyberattack visibility

See active threats in real-time for cloud applications and devices.

Contact tracing. Identify the origin of the attack to respond and quarantine the threat.

Shifting detection and protection left. Detect on the leading-edge of the exploit. Whereas, bolt-on security detects on trailing-edge after some harm has occurred.

Simple threat tracking and management. Known attacks classified using CVE identification number. Zero-days classified using patent-pending Dellfer Thumbprint.

Developer-First; Set and Forget

Add security inside your code without changing your workflow

No change to your build and deployment workflow. Works within your development process.

Keep calm, the vulnerability has been located. Know the point in your source code being exploited.

Catch in-the-field defects. Not every crash or problem is a cyber threat. Improve performance and quality.

Get an inside view to attacks in your own fenced in cloud portal

Once your connected devices have been rebuilt using Dellfer’s solution, your customer has a new sensor for detecting attacks at the leafs nodes of the network.

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It only requires a firmware rebuild to integrate Dellfer into existing devices. Developers are not burdened with unclear security settings and options.

Real-time security for Connected Devices and Apps
No steep learning curve, built-in security during the normal build process


Protect electronic control units (ECU) from attacks leading to devastating recalls

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Cloud Apps

Harden the native code within your connected apps.

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General Connected Device

Protects any connected device from trivial to advance attacks.

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Why is Dellfer different?


Detect bad behavior

Behavior model is learned from your code


Unprecedented visibility

Know where, how, and what at code level of attempt hacks and DOS crashes


No change build process

No changes to your workflow

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