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Your customer is now able to see active threats

Allow your customer to see and react

Trivial to Lethal Threats

If you are a connected device maker, you must deliver comprehensive and continuous protection for your products. You are one cyberattack away from significant brand damage. The most lethal of these problems are remote code execution attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in connected device’s firmware. The key to the detection and prevention of the spread of cyberattacks is awareness. Dellfer enables device makers and their customers to see and react to cyberattacks before hackers damage other connected devices.

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iot hacking prevention software

Real-time visibility of connected device cyberattacks

Allow your customers to see attackers attempted methods to harm their business.

Unprecedented security debugging. Identify exploits hackers are attempting to use in real-time.

Instantaneous visibility to attacks. Dellfer protects and monitors connected devices in real-time.

Scaleable management. Dellfer Thumbprint classifies attacks for simple tracking and management.

Developer-First Set and Forget Technology

Prevents remote code execution attacks without changing your workflow

No change to your build and deployment workflow. Dellfer works within your development process, not the other way around.

Cybersecurity debugger for developers. Protection woven into your code during your normal build process. Know in seconds what normally takes weeks or months to comprehend.

Connected device protection. Prevents simple and lethal cyberattacks against your connected device firmware.

Get an inside view to attacks in your own fenced in cloud portal

Once your IoT devices has Dellfer’s solution integrated, attacks against the device can be immediately seen over the cloud.

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It takes only minutes to integrate the solution into existing devices. Developers are not burdened with unclear security initiatives.

Securing connected devices
Added during your normal build process


Protect electronic control units (ECU) from attacks leading to devastating recalls

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Video Surveillance
Camera Security

Video surveillance cameras are one of the most sought after targets by IoT hackers.

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General IoT

Dellfer protects any connected device from Remote Code

Execution attacks.

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Why is Dellfer different?


Enforcement of good behavior

Good behavior model is learned from your code


Unprecedented visibility

Know where, how, and what at code level vulnerabilities


No change build process

No changes to your workflow

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