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Protecting Code Intrinsically,  from the Inside Out

All software has unknown vulnerabilities, but the risks are amplified in an IoT connected world, where over 20 billion devices are estimated to be cloud connected by 2020. Advanced hackers discover and act on vulnerabilities unknown to the world (zero-day) but also known ones that have simply not been patched. Stop worrying about your brand, reputational and financial damage from a major hacking attack.

Trends Driving the Need for IoT Security

Pure Air-Gapping is Becoming Rarer

Today, critical infrastructure sites, automotive vehicles or other traditionally air-gapped networks and devices are now linked to the Cloud. Despite the use of basic firewalling, the moment this happens the possibility of cyberattacks grows exponentially.

Code Vulnerabilities

We all know software bugs are an intrinsic part of software, which is “eating the world” as it is said. This reality applies for originally written software and code comprised of reusable components from 3rd parties. This increasing code explosion is mirroring the IoT device big bang and driving the need for IoT security.

Limited Updateability

Many IoT environments are constrained by uptime requirements that make re-booting or re-starting a system periodically impossible. This complicates security dependent on signature updates or periodic patching.

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Effective Security No Longer Has to be So Cumbersome

Dellfer enables branded product manufacturers with cloud connected vehicles and devices to fully protect embedded code from advanced hacking attacks. Our unique software enables this security protection with the following high value features:


Dellfer’s solution is enabled at compile time, from the very beginning of the product development process, unlike security that is bolted on after the fact and chasing attacks via signature recognition.


No need for connectivity to update signatures or patch, Dellfer works by validating known good code execution paths at runtime with deep context for security enforcement.


Literally compile your code’s make file with Dellfer’s compiler and your applications is ready to be monitored and protected. It couldn’t be easier.


Once your code is protected, Dellfer enables you to see any attacks the moment they happen, from our cloud-based, private operations center or your own.


Alerts include precise information on where attacks occurred and potentially where attackers discovered vulnerabilities in your code, illuminating future updating and patching.

IoT Security Experts So You Don’t Have to Be

Dellfer was formed by a team with over 20 combined years of IoT and embedded systems security experience. Our lightweight or small footprint security solutions have secured systems in many IoT sectors such as transportation, energy, healthcare, communication and defense. We are experts in IoT security so your engineering/development teams don’t have to be.