Stop remote control attacks on your IoT devices

ZeroDayGuard prevents remote code execution attacks immediately without false positives

iot hacking prevention software

Remote control attacks are the leading IoT device attack

ZeroDayGuard (ZDG) seals the in-memory code vulnerabilities that cause them.

Prevent exploits against all vulnerabilities. Known or unknown, in proprietary or in 3rd party code, ZDG is comprehensive protection.

A new level of safety and security. A full proof, non-signature approach to IoT cyber defense protection.

Rapid integration in minutes. Transparent integration into your development workflow. No painful processes that slow you down.

Isolates vulnerabilities. See exploited vulnerabilities down to the function level and call stack.

Instantaneous visibility to attacks

See all of your protected IoT devices and monitor them continuously

Your fenced Cloud monitoring portal. See all of your IoT devices in your own proprietary operations center.

Remote attack visibility. In addition to stopping remote code execution attacks, you see them and where they occurred.

Designed for IoT scale. See the security status and suspicious events across all of your protected IoT devices.

Unprecedented integration time and visibility into IoT remote control attacks

Just minutes after integration and runtime deployment, device events become visible in the Cloud

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Deep embedded IoT security has never been this easy to achieve

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