5G, Cybersecurity and More: Industrial IoT Trends in 2023

“The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has tremendous ramifications for how we create items, deliver services, sell to clients, and maintain all of these items and systems,” writes Deanna Ritchie, managing editor at ReadWrite. In other words, IIoT has been transformational for businesses big and small. This is particularly evident in the manufacturing sector where this technological development has led to more proactive maintenance, sustainability, efficiency and innovations. This was put into overdrive by forces such as the pandemic, staffing issues and supply chain disruptions, which set 2022 up as a year of increased digitalization. And 2023 is likely to carry that trend even further. So, let’s discuss what we can expect in IIoT in the new year.

The Use of 5G

Considering that IIoT reportedly enhances productivity by nearly 160%, its adoption will probably continue to skyrocket in 2023. This means that automation and the presence of connected devices will also increase. In order to support this bandwidth, the use of 5G within manufacturing settings is expected to expand. Having a strengthened network builds an even better foundation for access to data, which is one of the definitive benefits of IIoT. According to Industry Week, 5G can be applied to many functions including security, another significant trend going forward.

IIoT Cybersecurity

As technology and IIoT rapidly evolve, cybersecurity will keep rising as a major concern. A Gartner survey concluded that “88% of board directors reported viewing cybersecurity as a business risk as opposed to a technology risk,” as summarized by Chris Howard at Harvard Business Review. Furthermore, CIOs told Gartner that they intend to increase investments in information security. While this insight was geared more toward IT cybersecurity, it is likely that this is an investment that we will see in OT and industrial settings as well since IIoT’s connectivity presents new vulnerabilities. Like Howard puts it, “For managers across functions, the broader lesson is that security is everybody’s problem, not just that of IT.”

Cloud Technologies

Alongside and probably due to the rise of IIoT are other tech trends to look for, including cloud tech. They collectively make up the developing elements of smart factory environments and other Industry 4.0 grounds. Operators will continue to find new ways to utilize progressing cloud capabilities to modernize functions and legacy equipment.



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