ZeroDayGuard 1.0 Release Announcement

Ken Wante By Ken Wante
Feb 15, 2019

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of ZeroDayGuard 1.0. Last Fall, we announced the controlled release of ZeroDayGuard, and now it is officially live and available to customers!

This is an important milestone and we’re proud to announce some of the great features and capabilities in this release:

  • ZeroDayGuard for Automotive support – Version 1.0 is our edition targeted to the automotive industry and includes support for Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) v5.0.2 for ARM 32-bit.
  • Continuous cloud monitoring and real-time alerting – This release includes a Linux loadable Kernel Monitor and the Cloud Dashboard which together enable application incident monitoring and reporting. From this online dashboard, all suspicious hacks and malicious activity on any Dellfer protected device can be consolidated and forensically investigated.
  • Dellfer Thumbprint – a unique, proprietary way to categorize a set of incidents into an identifiable “thumbprint”. This capability allows for faster identification and a more scalable way of dealing with repeating incidents across of fleet of cars or global population of devices that are reporting events to the Cloud Dashboard/Web Portal.
  • OpenEmbedded Yocto support – This version supports ARM/x86_64 applications on OpenEmbedded Yocto

This is a 1.0 version of ZeroDayGuard so if you haven’t been following our news then you may not know that the product can “Dellferize” compiled code in one operation that then becomes protected against zero-day attacks and other deep exploits against known or unknown vulnerabilities. In connected cars, this can be used to comprehensively protect the ECUs or electronic control units from hack or cyberattack. If you haven’t seen ZeroDayGuard in action you can take a sneak peek here of IoT security monitoring.

If you’d like a live demo, feel free to Contact Us.