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Announcing a New Release of Dellfer ZeroDayGuard

Last week, we released ZeroDayGuard v1.1, This release focused on the platform support requirements for our early adopters, plus someRead More >>

ZeroDayGuard 1.0 Release Announcement

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of ZeroDayGuard 1.0. Last Fall, we announced the controlled release of ZeroDayGuard,Read More >>

Automotive Ethernet: Cybersecurity Implications

CAN vs Ethernet As we all know, the CAN bus is the predominant IVN (In-Vehicle Network) for automobiles today. It’sRead More >>

Connected Car Innovation and Automotive Cybersecurity

DENSO and Dellfer to Bring Inside Out Security to Embedded Connected Car Components Today, we jointly released a press releaseRead More >>

Dellfer to be Showcased with Denso at CES 2019

DENSO and its startup partners will feature latest hardware and software solutions to accelerate innovation in the automotive industry. KARIYA, Japan, Dec.Read More >>

Wave Computing Open Sourcing MIPS R6

The one about MIPS that you probably didn’t see… Wave Computing Open Sources MIPS R6 You’ve likely heard the excitingRead More >>

Pewdiepie Printer and CenturyLink Hack – Hacktisement or Not?

Hacktisement has been flooding our inboxes for decades. But now, it is taking a new form hitting us in waysRead More >>

Dellfer Joins Automotive Grade Linux and Linux Foundation

We were excited to have AGL announce our membership in their open source project. Here are some key excerpts fromRead More >>

The Year that Was and Looking Forward to 2019

What was new in 2018? The varied topics of cybersecurity are no longer only contained within the niche articles andRead More >>

IQPC’s Automotive Cyber Security Conference

Last week we sponsored IQPC’s Automotive Cyber Security Conference Silicon Valley event in Milpitas, CA and were excited to presentRead More >>

ZeroDayGuard Announcement: Hacking Protection for IoT Devices

ZeroDayGuard Introduces Code Integrity Monitoring to IoT Connected Products San Francisco, CA, October 18, 2018 – Dellfer announced the controlledRead More >>

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