Top Cyber Security Executives Join Dellfer

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Aug 2, 2018

San Francisco, CA, August 2, 2018– Dellfer, an IoT and autonomous vehicle cybersecurity company, announced the addition of advisors Andy Chou and Robert Dunn who will provide technical, tactical and strategic advising as Dellfer prepares for its product launch. Together, Chou and Dunn will bring over forty years of successful experience in the security and startup space.

“Adding Andy and Robert to our advisory board allows Dellfer to avoid pitfalls and improve focus in our execution,” said Dellfer founder and CEO James Blaisdell. “The Dellfer team is thrilled to have Andy and Robert working with us to further our mission of making connected vehicles and IoT devices secure from the inside-out.”

“Embedded software has enabled an intelligent and connected world, but security wasn’t designed in from the start,” said Andy Chou, former CTO of Coverity. “Dellfer hardens software against entire classes of defects, including vulnerabilities that are yet to be discovered. We need proactive methods to move beyond the reactive vulnerability patch cycle that the industry is stuck in.”

About These Top Cyber Security Experts

Andy Chou co-founded Coverity and served as CTO until its acquisition by Synopsys in 2014. Andy now serves as an investor and advisor to startups focusing on cybersecurity, cloud, and all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

Robert Dunn is the COO of Lacework, a cloud security company. Prior to this, he was the Senior Finance Director at VMWare as part of their acquisition of Wavefront, where he served as the CFO. Dunn has extensive experience in preparing and growing startup companies to make sustainable and methodical executive decisions on accounting, HR, legal functions, and fundraising. “The scale of opportunity Dellfer has is immense, and it is exciting to join a team that has the unique caliber to present such a critical solution in today’s vast IoT market. I am eager to take part in growing Dellfer’s business to realize its full potential.”

At the beginning of 2018, Dellfer raised $2.5Million seed round from DENSO and have recently announced the expansion of the executive team, adding Tom Wallace as the VP of Sales and Ken Wanted as the VP of Engineering.

About Dellfer
Dellfer’s mission is to make the world’s connected cars and IoT devices safe from the most sophisticated, low-level cyber attacks. The company’s solution secures IoT connected devices through inside-out code protection, enabling the most sophisticated and zero-day cybersecurity attacks to be seen instantly and
remediated with precision, helping protect critical systems, brands and lives.

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