Dellfer First Cybersecurity Solution to Achieve Highest Safety Level of IEC 61508 Certification for Industrial Control Systems

ZeroDayGuard Toolkit for IoT Firmware Safety Certified for Any SIL

San Mateo, CA—August 10, 2022—Dellfer, the leading provider of cybersecurity for IoT firmware, today announced that its ZeroDayGuard Platform is the first cybersecurity solution to receive certification by TUV-SUD for the IEC 61508 certification at any SIL for industrial control systems security. Already certified for multiple other industries, this is a big win for the security world. According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, CISA, “The security of industrial control systems is among the most important aspects of our collective effort to defend cyberspace.” (source)

“We are proud to be the first security company to receive the IEC 61508 certification at any SIL,” said Dellfer CEO James Blaisdell. “With the industrial internet of things market at nearly 50 billion devices, the attack surface is massive and ripe for attacks. The stakes could not be higher as these industrial control systems manage and have network access to the world’s critical infrastructure. This certification validates Dellfer’s unique approach to IoT firmware security, which makes these devices tamper-proof.”

 “Dellfer’s ZeroDayGuard™ makes it possible to harden the billions of industrial control systems making them impervious to attacks,” said Ken Wante, vice president of engineering Dellfer. “The IEC 61508 certification of Dellfer’s ZeroDayGuard at any Safety Integrity Level (SIL) (1-4) demonstrates the efficacy of its IoT security capabilities. Dellfer ZeroDayGuard reduces the risk of failure due to a cyberattack to the lowest level.”

About ZeroDayGuard
Designed and developed for IoT devices’ unique requirements, the ZeroDayGuard is optimized for industrial control systems as well as the highly regulated medical device and automotive industries and other business sectors. The ZeroDayGuard platform combines build tools, a device agent, and an incident monitoring service. It is enabled with one operation in the development of IoT device code and subsequently can instantaneously detect root cause hacks and cyberattacks remotely in the cloud. Unlike other cybersecurity products, Dellfer’s solution approach does not use signatures or machine learning to thwart attacks, but inside-out rapid instrumentation to increase immediate precision and eliminate the false positive problem that plagues many cybersecurity solutions.

About Dellfer
Dellfer is an IoT cybersecurity software company that empowers manufacturers of industrial control systems to embed protection against unknown threats and thwart intrusions with unmatched visibility, speed, and accuracy. It meets the connected world’s need for a new, holistic cybersecurity approach that can effectively and efficiently harden industrial IoT devices and keep them from becoming vectors for successful attacks.

Dellfer provides a proven defense against zero-day attacks by continually monitoring Control Flow Integrity. It delivers unmatched visibility to protect the connections found in everything from national security and defense systems to commercial and consumer devices. With Dellfer, these connected devices have built-in cybersecurity that keeps them from becoming vulnerabilities and threat vectors. Get more information about Dellfer and ZeroDayGuard by clicking here.


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