Dellfer Hires Channel Expert to Expand on Increasing Traction with IoT Security Solution

New Addition Brings Combination of Security and Channel Experience to Manage and Grow Sales of IoT Firmware Across Industries Around the World

SAN MATEO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2022 — Dellfer, the leading provider of cybersecurity for IoT firmware, today announced that Shawn Lorenz has joined the Company as vice president of channels. Lorenz has almost 30 years of experience with cybersecurity and all aspects of channel programs, working for industry leaders, including PARC, HP, Dell, and MarkLogic.

“Dellfer secured top talent to head up our channel program, because Lorenz saw our success to date and understands the potential we have for exponential expansion across industries with global organizations,” said James Blaisdell. “With the addition of Lorenz, Dellfer will have the leadership and experience we need to build out our channel program to increase our reach across the IoT firmware ecosystem to bring the level of security needed to truly protect these systems.”

“The opportunity to join Dellfer at this stage represents a high point in my career. Despite the explosive growth of IoT devices, effective security solutions remain elusive,” said Shawn Lorenz, vice president of channels at Dellfer. “The traction that Dellfer’s ZeroDayGuard Platform has gotten across industries is impressive. The Company has the IoT firmware security solution that the market needs. My experience and expertise will help rapidly expand that footprint to provide the kind of security that is required—protection against all threats, known and unknown.”

About ZeroDay Guard
Designed and developed for business IoT devices’ unique requirements, the ZeroDayGuard is optimized for automotive deployments and other business sectors. The ZeroDayGuard platform combines build tools, a device agent, and an incident monitoring service. It is enabled with one operation in the development of IoT device code and subsequently can instantaneously detect root cause hacks and cyberattacks remotely in the cloud. Unlike other cybersecurity products, Dellfer’s solution approach does not use signatures or machine learning to thwart attacks, but inside-out rapid instrumentation to increase immediate precision and virtually eliminate the false positive problem that plagues many cybersecurity solutions.

About Dellfer
Dellfer is an IoT cybersecurity software company that empowers device manufacturers to embed protection against unknown threats and thwart intrusions with unmatched visibility, speed, and accuracy. It meets the connected world’s need for a new, holistic cybersecurity approach that can effectively and efficiently harden IoT devices and keep them from becoming vectors for successful attacks.

Dellfer provides a proven defense against zero-day attacks by continually monitoring Control Flow Integrity. It delivers unmatched visibility to protect the connections found in everything from national security and defense systems to commercial and consumer devices. With Dellfer, these connected devices have built-in cybersecurity that keeps them from becoming vulnerabilities and threat vectors. Get more information about Dellfer and ZeroDayGuard by clicking here.


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