Announcing a New Release of Dellfer ZeroDayGuard

Avatar By James Blaisdell
May 6, 2019

Last week, we released ZeroDayGuard v1.1, This release focused on the platform support requirements for our early adopters, plus some unique security features. Stopping hacks is really important work –I love we are going beyond detecting and preventing attacks, providing visibility: useful, detail forensics of the attack and the attacker.

For our partners in this release:

  • No-Write-Execute Policy enforcement is a safety net feature (enabled by default). The no-execute policy eliminates poorly configured build system or bad-actor from incorrectly assigning memory pages as write-able and executable; the problem described in our earlier blog posting, MIPS-Linux Platform Exploit.
  • One of the major challenges for IoT device makers is securely provisioning and connecting devices to cloud services without human intervention. To address this challenge, we’ve added painless support for OAUTH2 Dynamic Client Registration (RFC-7591).
  • Documentation — no one ever mentions their documentation in these sorts of announcements; must see documentation.
  • Our early adopters are crafting bleeding edge technology; therefore, it should not be a surprise we’ve added support for NVIDIA Jetson and Ubuntu Linux ARM-64.

A couple of things not in this release:

  •  We learned from some really smart people in downtown Oakland, CA (you know who you are), that visualization cloud portals focus on the wrong problems. Their insights saved us many development months. 
  • Our diligent engineers kept features or designs out that hampered our mission.

This is another important waypoint in our mission to bring visibility and safety to critical IoT devices and systems. A shout out to our early adopters for their incredible support to build a better product. And a big thank you to our fantastic engineering team for their focus and energy.