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Dellfer uses a behavior model to identify run-time attacks. The firmware’s behavior is based on the firmware code. Plus, Dellfer discovers software run-time defects to improve overall quality, reliability, and availability.

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The Problems We Solve

Firmware Engineers

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Programming errors and exploitable bugs are detected, mitigated, and assigned an impact severity, saving developers many cycles of chasing down defects.

QA Engineers

Areas that require additional testing are identified, along with easy-to-report actionable, assignable bugs, serving as an ally to QA.

Technical Support Engineers

Empower technical support engineers with the knowledge to immediately identify and communicate the root cause.

Operational Technologists

Empower OT with the knowledge to distinguish a glitch and severe security breach. Reduce OT's anxiety and response-time to malicious cyber actors.

Security Analysts

A strong cyber mitigation strategy reduces time spent chasing down defects and false positives, providing more time to focus on system and architecture issues.

Pen Testers

Valuable proof of when and where a vulnerability is discovered, enabling testers to register it. Improving the effectiveness of testing and bug bounties.

Eliminate Business Friction

Cybersecurity is not an IT issue–it’s a business issue. Identify and remediate problems painlessly and effectively.

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When an attacker triggers a firmware exploit, Dellfer prevents the malicious instructions from executing, and keeps the code operating safely. The vast majority of firmware images contain no mitigations for zero-day bugs, making attacks simple and highly effective.


Only trusted code running correctly is allowed. Dellferization includes platform protections to prevent attacks on the operating system, preventing an attacker from gaining privilege escalation, and complete platform control.
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ZeroDayGuard Trustee includes a fine-grain response to attacks, enabling a customizable real-time, immediate recovery and response to attacks.


Threat actors can no longer rely on network fog obscuring their attacks. Administrators are empowered with detailed vitals to reveal advanced persistent threat actors, including geographic location, attack source, attacker information, and attack type.


Having a bug report with no details means it’s unlikely to be resolved. Details are needed to identify the root problem that needs a fix. Dellferized firmware pinpoints the attacked source code, including a stack trace. The extra information helps developers write a patch faster and safer – no guesswork required.


Prioritize defects with Dellfer Thumbprint – condense attacks down to a small, prioritized list of flaws. No more rushed patches. Dellferized firmware continues to disrupt active exploits, allowing you to deploy patches per your usual release schedule.
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