Growth of the ICS Security Market and Need

On September 15th, the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection & Innovation held a hearing “to examine Federal efforts to strengthen the security of industrial control systems and operational technology, which support industrial functions that underpin critical infrastructure.” On the agenda was an open discussion about initiatives such as partnerships, guidelines for operators and how Congress can further support them.

Aside from what this meeting will determine, there is significance in that the topic of ICS security is prominent enough to continue earning such attention. This gathering and review of procedures comes at a time in which we are learning more and more about the technical innovations and consequential cyberthreats that are shaping the current state and future of industrial operations.

ICS Cybersecurity Risks Continue to Expand

While we’ve covered risks before, they are always worth mentioning because they are continually expanding. For instance, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky recently reported that spyware, ransomware and cryptojacking malware are being increasingly detected within ICS computers. Ransomware alone reached its highest figure in two and a half years in February 2022.

But these aren’t the only concerns. In a piece for Forbes, Matt Morris explained that attacks are crossing beyond the cyber realm into the physical, which can cause damage to assets such as equipment and power systems. Plus, he points out that there is the lurking, but often looked over, issue of insider threats that can stem from today’s complex supply chains.

Demand for ICS Security Solutions Grows

Considering all of this, Morris writes, “Segmentation practices and the use of reactive technologies based on known signatures like IDS, IPS for firewalls and antivirus technology are necessary but not sufficient on their own.” And as we explore other ways to address these challenges, the demand is also skyrocketing. A new research report titled “Industrial Control Systems Security Market” predicts that the market for ICS security will grow to $29.9 billion by 2029. Within that growth, priorities include network security, cloud security and software security. And while it is expected to rise globally, the report projects that North America will lead the market.

As the conversation, threat landscape and security market around industrial control systems widen, it all serves as a reminder that Dellfer is working at a critical point in the development of certified solutions that will lead the industry successfully forward.



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