IQPC’s Automotive Cyber Security Conference

Avatar By Dellfer
Nov 1, 2018

Last week we sponsored IQPC’s Automotive Cyber Security Conference Silicon Valley event in Milpitas, CA and were excited to present a first look at ZeroDayGuard and get feedback from attendees on our approach and value proposition. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we were happy to have been at the event as a tune-up for what we expect to be a more active event schedule in 2019 for Dellfer.

More About The Automotive Cyber Security Conference

The conference brought together over 100 professionals interested in and focused on cyber security for connected cars and automotive. Sessions at the event included continued foundational education on cyber security, blockchain, secure coding, security interdependencies across supply chain and safety, and incident simulation. Less visible than other IQPC events was the focus on machine learning and anomaly detection at this event.

Here are some of our takeaways from the event:

  • We didn’t see much of a Detroit presence in the crowd at this event and had mixed impressions on how heavy the Silicon Valley component was present. What was a bit unexpected was how predominant the Asian automotive company presence was at the event.
  • In the sessions, we still picked up a fair amount of looking to traditional enterprise network type security solutions such as IPS for how to deal with some of the cybersecurity risk in automotive. As we’ve stated, we are big believers in IoT and connected car security needing a complete re-think given the special considerations in this world.
  • Through questions and comments in the sessions, we had time to attend, we continued to sense aspirational wishes that the OEM’s come together and push a unified set of security standards that would make things easier for the Tier I’s and everyone involved. In general, we continue to take away a feeling of non-uniformity and being all over the map in terms of how to approach cybersecurity in connected cars.
  • We believe over 40% of the attendees were able to take a look at ZeroDayGuard and we got a lot of positive response on our ability to offer deep forensic data and evidence for where attacks take place in embedded code. Attendees were particularly impressed with our stack trace functionality which allows us to pinpoint down to the function call where vulnerabilities in code are exploited. We showed various types of control flow bending attacks, unauthorized system-call access and firmware image tamper detection on Automotive Grade Linux code that was “Dellferized” and demo’d our product’s immediate ability to alert in the cloud on those attacks.

All-in-all, we deem the event to be a success and had many fruitful conversations coming out of it.  See below some of our pictures of the booth and activity to get a sense for the event.

dellfer iot security booth dellfer security booth at the IQPC conference people who attended the IQPC automotive cyber security conference in silicon valley