New Dellfer Program Helps Monetize Firmware Security in OEM Channel

Tools and Training to Drive Zero-Trust Security into IoT Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2022 – Dellfer, the leading provider of cybersecurity for IoT firmware, today announced a new program designed to bring breakthrough zero-trust security into partners’ OEM channels. This program provides a full complement of training, workshops, and sales support tools to help partners expand the use of Dellfer’s ZeroDayGuard across their ecosystems.

“We are pleased to offer this program to our customers. Their adoption of Dellfer shows their commitment to ensuring that their solutions have the best possible security by leveraging the power and efficacy of our platform,” said Dellfer Founder and CEO James Blaisdell. “This program will help drive adoption of zero trust at a source code level to stop IoT devices from being a widely exploited cyberattack vector.”

“This program is a win-win for Dellfer and our customers. We are excited about partnering with customers to help them successfully deliver Dellfer enabled solutions to their OEM channels,” said Shawn Lorenz, vice president of channels. “Early feedback has been extremely positive. The program’s robust suite of tools and onboarding processes addresses the unique requirements of our customers, and the messages are resonating in their OEM channels.”

About ZeroDay Guard
Designed and developed for business IoT devices’ unique requirements, the ZeroDayGuard is optimized for automotive deployments and other business sectors. The ZeroDayGuard platform combines build tools, a device agent, and an incident monitoring service. It is enabled with one operation in the development of IoT device code and subsequently can instantaneously detect root cause hacks and cyberattacks remotely in the cloud. Unlike other cybersecurity products, Dellfer’s solution approach does not use signatures or machine learning to thwart attacks, but inside-out rapid instrumentation to increase immediate precision and eliminate the false positive problem that plagues many cybersecurity solutions.

About Dellfer
Dellfer is an IoT cybersecurity software company that empowers device manufacturers to embed protection against unknown threats and thwart intrusions with unmatched visibility, speed, and accuracy. It meets the connected world’s need for a new, holistic cybersecurity approach that can effectively and efficiently harden IoT devices and keep them from becoming vectors for successful attacks.

Dellfer provides a proven defense against zero-day attacks by continually monitoring Control Flow Integrity. It delivers unmatched visibility to protect the connections found in everything from national security and defense systems to commercial and consumer devices. With Dellfer, these connected devices have built-in cybersecurity that keeps them from becoming vulnerabilities and threat vectors.

James Blaisdell
+1 510-219-2109


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