No False Positives – The Most High Precision Way to Protect IoT Devices

ZeroDayGuard focuses on known good, not the infinite possibilities of known bad.

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Instantly detect in-the-wild, remote control IoT attacks

ZDG works without signatures, knowing exactly how your IoT device code should execute in the most granular way. As soon as a deviation is spotted, ZDG takes action within seconds, before major damage is done.

iot devices connected to the cloud

Kill these in-memory attacks at the thread level and resume

Instantly recognize when a hacker successfully manipulates code execution remotely in your IoT device and take immediate action to kill the thread and stop the attack.

See where your code is vulnerable for remediation

Half the battle is knowing how a hacker achieved their success. ZDG tells you by providing a stack trace all the way down to the vulnerable function.

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