Train Safety: The Importance of Railway Security Certification

As Dellfer CEO James Blaisdell states, “Railways play a critical role in transportation worldwide, with more than 150,000 kilometers, of the world’s 850,000, in the United States.” Whether moving goods or getting you where you need to be for your morning commute, it’s clear that trains remain an elemental mode of transportation. Therefore, maintaining top-notch security for railways is extremely important.

Tech and Innovation in the Railway Industry

When it comes to boosting railway security, one topic that we must address in today’s environment is cybersecurity. GlobalData has categorized cybersecurity as a game-changing influence that companies should be investing in now. That impact is no different in the rail industry.

Shifts have been unfolding over the last several years bringing great potential with them. In 2017, TÜV SÜD pointed to the benefits of sensor-based data collection, information systems and predictive maintenance adoption. And, like almost every other field, technology is still rapidly evolving rail management with increased implementation of innovations like IoT and automation. For example, an article published by McKinsey & Company highlighted the case of a Chinese railway station that has turned to the use of 5G to automatically detect station incidents.

Connecting Railway Security and Cybersecurity

One way rail operators are responding to such trends is by hiring industrial automation related positions. According to GlobalData, this tactic rose in the Spring of 2022 compared to the same period last year. But another way that they should be responding is by expanding their use of cybersecurity tools and resources. This need is reflected in events such as the recent announcement from Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Tech Anne Neuberger that the White House intends to meet with leaders of the rail industry for a new cybersecurity directive.

At Dellfer, we believe that it is important to include cybersecurity in the matter of railway security because, as the details outlined above imply, these operations are increasingly dependent on systems that are digitally based, therefore requiring cyber protection. That’s why we are proud to add EN 50128 certification for railway safety to our portfolio of certifications granted to Dellfer’s ZeroDayGuard™. Designed and developed for IoT devices’ unique requirements, ZeroDayGuard provides an iron-clad service that helps to defend critical infrastructure industries from threats like malware and other attacks. Learn more about our railway certification at



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